BodyKneads & Energetics - # 7 SOOTHING YOUR INNER CHILD
BodyKneads & Energetics -  Silla Von Faulk Trueworthy, Crystal Resonance Therapist™
“Soothing Your Inner Child with Crystals
 and Stones”
By Silla Von Faulk Trueworthy, LMT; RMT; CRTh; PAHTP
 (September ~ 2011)
“Who is this “inner child” anyway, and why is he/she such a cry baby?” Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I first read or heard this clever quote and I’ve probably misquoted it somewhat (apologies) but most readers will understand the gist (and jest) of it, of that I am sure!
Today’s popular psychology includes many therapeutic approaches that work with the concept of sub-personalities and/or the “inner child”. The term “inner child” refers to the immature or childlike aspects of one’s psyche, particularly when it is considered as a self-governing entity. It is frequently used in reference to early, subjective experiences and their effects which remain into adulthood. When one encounters traumatic events during the stages of forming personality it can result in varying degrees of arrested development. The “inner child” is the repository for one’s lost, wounded, and immature aspects of self. It also refers to all of the experiences stored in the brain from earliest memory and all of the emotional memory.
Each period of early life development from infancy into toddlerhood, from toddlerhood into childhood, and from childhood into adolescence presents one with typical life challenges. All of one’s coping skills, self-esteem, confidence, as well as, all of one’s personal habits, emotional patterns, and one’s  more (or less) desirable traits are a product how one progresses developmentally. If one has the appropriate support at each stage of development, one usually acquires the necessary life skills one needs to grow into a well-balanced, emotionally healthy adult (…in a perfect world). Unfortunately, more often than not, life is not so easy.
At each stage of development one may face a multitude of traumatic experiences or challenges which impact one’s life to varying degrees. All of these experiences carry an emotional charge. The more traumatic the experience the stronger the emotional charge it will hold, and the more influence it will have in one’s life whether one is conscious of it or not. What remains unresolved often becomes buried and forgotten. These buried issues may then get “projected” onto other people, relationships, or situations as the subconscious tries to get our attention.These projections often create patterns of inappropriate, risky, and unhealthy or addictive behaviors which often result in low self-esteem and, worse, self-loathing. Inner work needs to be done to resolve these old, forgotten issues.
The common term “gut reaction” refers to any strong emotional reaction in response to any stimulative situation or personal interaction. Indeed a strong emotional reaction can often be physically felt in the gut (think butterflies or nausea). Let us refer to stimulative situations or interactions as “emotional triggers” because they trigger an associated emotional memory which can be interpreted as either negative or positive on the emotional polarity scale. Emotional memories stimulate the brain to release a flood of chemistry into the bloodstream. Endorphins, the “feel good” hormones or pain relievers, are released when positive emotional memories are triggered. Negative emotional memories prompt the brain to release “stress hormones” and this type of chemistry ignites the flight or fight, fear response. Many well respected studies show that prolonged stress can have all kinds of unhealthy effects on one’s body, mind and spirit.
The loss of a parent at a young age may set the stage for the rise of abandonment issues in close relationships later in life. Lingering influences from negative reinforcement or verbal abuse by a parent, or person in authority, can stimulate similar pain when a like message is inferred in the present. Continually being told during childhood that one “never does anything right” or is “not good enough” can set one up for low self-esteem and future failure as an adult. Being the target of excessive bullying by siblings or one’s peers may seed future anger management issues. Actively healing one’s inner child can stop one from continuing as an unwitting victim of the emotional burdens of one’s past!
Unfortunately, very few people (if any) come through childhood and adolescence unscathed. Reclaiming lost or fractured parts of self by resolving past experiences can greatly improve the quality of an individual’s life.
Among the many alternative paths to wholeness one may find that resonating with crystals and stones can be an effective tool for supporting one’s healing process.  Crystals and stones offer energetic healing support and are an effective adjunct to other appropriate therapies.
It is best to approach this work with an open heart and mind. Offering ones’ self the gentle compassion and support that one would offer a dear friend or loved one is a good place to start. Pacing oneself allows the work to be gently integrated and lays a foundation of “emotional sheathing” which affords one the needed commitment for seeing each stage of the work through to completion. This work is not a panacea and it is not a process to be rushed. Honoring one’s personal healing takes time and commitment. It is an on-going process; after all one’s personal issues have been accumulated over the period of one’s lifetime.
In the context of the modalities that I practice the elements are Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Storm. Each Element is empirically said to govern or influence various aspects of life.Crystals and stones are governed by one or more of these elements. Each element offers specific properties that assist in creating the desired outcome of healing and one of the ways the elements lend these properties is through resonance with crystals and stones.
Of course there are many crystals and stones which are helpful for this purpose but I have found that Earth and/or Water element stones are especially effective for working with healing one’s “inner child”.  
For the purposes of this article I will focus on some crystals and stones governed by these two elements. Some of the crystals and stones associated with these elements are considered to be among the most gentle, nurturing, and emotionally supportive. Many have a chemical make-up which, through resonance, can assist in energetically alleviating depression and enhancing intuition and personal insight.
It is most effective to begin by working via meditation and resonance with Earth element crystals and stones and following this work with the introduction of Water element crystals and stones. Continuing work could include combining Earth and Water element stones. Advanced work is best continued with a well trained professional specializing in work with crystals and stones. It could include the addition of Fire element crystals and stones in combination with Earth and Water element crystals and stones. The elemental energies of Wind and Storm may also be introduced individually or in combination by adding crystals and stones which are governed by these other elements.
Petrified Wood, Jet, Ocean Jasper, and some members of the *Agate family are all gentle and nurturing Earth Element stones. These stones offer comforting, protective, and grounding support for the initiatory work of revisiting one’s life foundations. They are particularly helpful when confronting family of origin issues. The most common chemistry shared by most of the stones mentioned above is silicon dioxide
Both the nervous system and connective tissue are “Storm” element systems in the body and Silicon plays a major role in these systems. Note: Strengthening the connective tissue allows one to carry and modulate higher light frequencies via communication with the nervous system.
Lepidolite, Kunzite, Morganite, Rose Quartz, and Emerald are emotionally sheathing, supportive and uplifting Water Element crystals and stones that help one to build on one’s foundations by assisting one with safely exploring and examining ones’ emotional issues and life challenges. One of the things they have in common is that they are all associated more or less with the heart chakra and the emotional body. The most common chemistry shared by most of these crystals and stones is aluminum, lithium and beryllium. Stones containing Aluminum tend to have a psychoactive effect and may be used to enhance meditative states and to encourage inner vision and communication with one’s higher guides. Lithium bearing stones are important Water Element tools. Lithium’s energy is very relaxing and can help one to release their worries and cares. Stones containing Lithium are excellent for depression. Lithium triggers one’s energy field’s own self-correcting ability. The energetic effects of Beryllium facilitate expansion of consciousness and attunement with the higher self.One may use Beryllium stones around the head to, stimulate visions, enhance the meditative state, and balance the hemispheres of the brain.
Lepidolite is a premier Water element stone. It is especially useful for balancing the emotions. It is very effective for the healing of old, buried, emotional trauma by bringing it to the awareness of the conscious mind for resolve. Note: According to Robert Simmons, the co-author of The Book of Stones, the best deposits of Lepidolite within the United States are found in Auburn, Maine.
The soothing, calming properties of *Agates work slowly, steadily and deliberately thus allowing for lasting impact. Agates are silicon based stones. Due to its layered quartz formation Agate also offers the added benefit of energy amplification. Agates can assist one in expressing one’s spirituality in one’s day to day life (i.e. walking one’s talk). They promote self-analysis by allowing one to perceive hidden circumstances which in turn allows one to focus on any situation that may be causing physical, emotional or psychological problems. Additionally, Agates enhance mental acuity and analytical ability allowing one to find creative, practical solutions to one’s problems.
Some of the Agates such as Blue Lace Agate are considered to be Water element stones while others like Ellensburg Blue Agate are considered to be Earth & Water element stones. These are gentle heart healers which assist in overcoming anger, bitterness, and negativity by fostering love and awareness of the oneness of life. Other agates, such as Dendritic Agate, are associated more with the Earth element being grounding stones which stabilize emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. They also harmonize the yin and yang energies of the body. Fire Agate is true to its name and is considered a Fire element stone while Holly Blue Agate is considered to be a Wind element stone.     
The goal of Crystal Resonance Therapy, which is the main healing modality that I practice, is to create the dynamic balance of the Storm Element. Storm isn’t actually an element at all. Storm is more of “an event in time” when all of the other elements are at the apex of their power simultaneously which creates the needed synergy for massive movement, dynamic balancing, and the resulting major changes and shifts in perspective that are needed to bring about radical transformation and harmonious balance. This dynamic balance is best approached indirectly and cautiously especially when working with “inner child” issues. This softer, gentler approach is the key to staying in the calm eye at the center of the event of Storm. Create the dynamic balance of Storm by first bringing all of the other elements into balance and thus creating the event of Storm naturally and progressively. 
References: The Portable Jung, Edited by Joseph Campbell © 1971; The Chemistry of Man by Bernard Jensen, PH. D.; The Book of Stones (Who They Are & What They Teach) co-authored by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian with contributions by Hazel Raven ©2005, 2007
This information is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. The author does not advocate the use of stones as a substitute for medical or psychological care. Appropriate use of the following information is the express responsibility of the reader.
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