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Please note: In the context of the modalities that I practice the five elements are known as

By Silla Von Faulk Trueworthy
(written in May of 2010)
The following article appears as it was first published in the Summer, 2010 issue of The Spiritual Renaissance Publication and in the Aug/Sept 2010 issue of Inner Tapestry.
Metaphysically speaking, resonance is the means by which information is transmitted and received from the physical to non-physical realms. It is the “cosmic communication system” by which the transmission of data, energy frequencies, and other information, between fundamental particles and non-physical energies, is communicated. It is also the means by which all vibrational healing is accomplished and psychic information is acquired.
There are probably as many ways as there are people on the planet to
connect with the Elements and each of us is equally empowered to do so. Moving into conscious resonance with the Elements is as simple as one chooses it to be. Certainly ritual has its place but it is most important to honor the Elements in a way that one feels is authentic.
I love gardening and digging in the dirt and I find it a comforting and grounding way to resonate with the Earth Element but I also use various meditations and tools such as crystals and stones, power objects and totems to connect with or “call in” the energy of the various Elements.
Who doesn’t love a sunny day? Some like to bask in the sun working on their tan while others sit back and relax in the shade with a cool drink and a good book. Either way the sun’s warmth has a relaxing effect on both the muscles and the mind and soaking up some rays is a good way to connect with the Fire Element. Watching a crackling fire while one’s imagination forms images from the flames as they leap and spark is another effective way to resonate with, and experience the influence of, the Fire Element.
As I write, it is raining softly. Going for a short walk in the rain is not only a great way to fit in a little exercise but it is also an opportunity to resonate with the Water Element. One can also look forward to the added benefit of being exposed to the natural lithium that rain water contains. A walk along the beach in the surf has a similar but different effect.
A fresh spring breeze foretells of milder weather to come especially after
winter has had its way and, of course, “dogs love trucks” and the wind in their whiskers. Some may prefer connecting with the Wind Element in the form of sailing while others find their connection in the rush of wind on their face on the back of a Harley. Meditating on one’s breath is an ancient practice and it is a prime example of resonating with the Wind Element’s spiritual aspects. Wind is also the element through which we gain psychic information. One of my favorite ways to bring the Wind Element more into focus is by cloud watching while imagining shapes of things within the clouds. To me cloud watching is somewhat like scrying as it may afford one insight to what lies beneath the surface of one’s mind.
I just love the crash, bang, and boom of a good old fashioned thunder storm!
I love to watch the lightening slash across the sky brightening up the sky scape (and, yes, I am a big fan of the Weather Channel’s “Storm Stories”). Have
you ever noticed the prominence of negative ions in the air after a storm?  
The air seems so much cleaner and crisper after a good, hard rain!
When one is experiencing being “on their game”; “on top of the world”; or “in their element” (pun intended!) one could be said to be in resonance with the Storm Element and its aspects of dynamic balance. To me there is no better feeling than simply experiencing balance in my daily life. When one’s daily life is in balance one is better able to cope with all of the unexpected challenges that life sometimes throws one’s way. The calm center at the “eye of the storm” (yet another pun) can indeed be an empowering place! It is from this place of higher perspective that one learns to appreciate the “middle of the road” and learns to avoid the drama of extremes. It is when one is “out of balance” that one becomes ungrounded and life’s ups and downs can throw one for a loop.
Why would one want to resonate with the Elements? Each Element is empirically said to govern or influence various aspects of life. When one feels out of balance or weakened, resonating with (or attuning to) the various elemental energies may help one to feel more grounded, calmed, focused, enlivened, energized or stabilized. Resonating with the Elements may help to shift one’s perspective and allow one to move beyond one’s blind spots. We can all use a change in perspective every now and again!
The following is an abbreviated introduction to the areas of Elemental governance.
The Earth Element governs all things that support one’s physicality and survival. The Earth Element’s influence can be felt in one’s family structure; home environment; relationships with one’s immediate and extended family members and friends; one’s work environment and one’s relationships with co-workers, as well as, one’s place or standing in one’s community at large. One’s general health and physical wellness (diet and exercise etc.) also falls under the governance of the Earth Element. In the physical body the Earth Element is represented by the denser tissues and the skeletal system.
The Fire Element governs “energy dynamics” including one’s vitality and
the flow of energy throughout the physical and energetic bodies; one’s will
and one’s personal ability to take appropriate action (response-ability);
one’s manifestation capabilities (how one uses one’s energy to take action
to manifest in the worldly plane); the integration of the emotions of fear and
anger; one’s reproductive, digestive and endocrine systems; and one’s creativity or artistic tendencies. The polarity aspect of the Fire Element is expressed as creation and destruction.
The Water Element governs one’s emotions; intuition and empathy; ability
to clearly communicate one’s feelings and personal truth; one’s ability to set appropriate emotional boundaries, and one’s intimate, love relationships. On the physical level the Water Element governs the body’s fluid systems (i.e. blood & lymph).
The Wind Element governs one’s mental acuity and ability to clearly communicate one’s thoughts and ideas; one’s psychic abilities (visions and telepathic experiences); and one’s spiritual connection and ability to communicate with one’s Higher Self and Spirit Guides. On the physical level the Wind Element governs the body’s respiratory system and gaseous processes.
The Storm Element isn’t actually an element at all. It is the embodiment of
the moment of balance between creation and destruction. Storm existed as a primordial force before Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind separated and became individual elements. Storm is not only the result of the synergy of all of the other four elements, it is also the source from which these elements have sprung. Storm is more of “an event in time” when all of the other elements are at the apex of their power simultaneously which creates the needed synergy for massive movement, dynamic balancing, and the resulting major changes and shifts in perspective that are needed to bring about radical transformation and harmonious balance. It is through resonance with Storm that one is afforded an opportunity to radically transform any aspect of one’s life.
Storm’s influence is extremely cathartic and purifying. Every system of the body falls under the influence of Storm but the connective tissue and the nervous system are particularly resonate with this element.
The various elements also influence one another.  
  • Some elemental forces are supportive of each other and manifest as either stabilizing (calming = Magnetic) or energizing (stimulating = Frequency) energies. Other elemental forces are known as polarities because they are on the opposite ends of the energetic spectrum and they directly counter (balance) each other’s energy and define a spectrum of energy (i.e. Fire & Water or Earth & Wind). Note: Earth stabilizes/calms all of the other elements and Wind energizes/stimulates all of the other elements.
For example the application of “Earth to Water” is excellent when one is experiencing feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Earth is calming and stabilizing to Water. This combination is effective for grounding any excessive emotional energy (Water imbalance). If one regularly practices consciously attuning to the various Elements one will undoubtedly become aware of changes related to the corresponding aspects of one’s life.
The Elemental forces of Nature are reflected in the wide range of frequencies that are available to us through the crystal and mineral kingdom. Crystals and stones make excellent tools to use for assistance with attuning to their associated elements because crystals and stones carry electromagnetic frequencies that vibrate in resonance with the Earth’s electromagnetic field. These frequencies may be used to attempt to restore balance to the human system via resonance.
The crystal and mineral kingdom carries 109 different chemical frequencies ranging from very low to very high. Our human bodies are made up of these same chemical frequencies. Some of these frequencies are more specific to the physical (low) aspects of being while others are keyed to the emotional, mental, energetic or spiritual aspects (high).
The following list offers a brief introduction to a few of my *favorite stones
and some of their elemental traits. (*Of course they are ALL my favorites!)
  • Earth Element stones:black tourmaline, jet, golden sheen obsidian, hematite, petrified wood and smoky quartz. These Earth stones may be applied for their calming; nurturing; protective; purifying; and grounding qualities. Earth stones have a tendency to be more resonant with the Earth’s magnetic energies.
  • Fire Element stones: citrine, malachite, fire agate, carnelian, orange calcite, and opaque pink calcite. Many Fire stones are associated with the qualities of self confidence; creativity/manifestation; will power; self control; vitality; fertility/life force energy; balanced metabolic function; and “response-ability”. Fire stones have a tendency to be more resonant with the frequency end of the electromagnetic energy spectrum and will activate like frequencies in the body.
  • Water Element stones: aquamarine (and blue beryl), rose quartz, blue lace agate, lemon chrysoprase and pink kunzite. Some of the traits associated with Water stones include calming; soothing; cleansing; balancing; enhanced emotional expression; setting emotional boundaries; grief processing; countering depression and fears; heightened intuition; and attracting love.     
  • Wind Element stones: amethyst, celestite, labradorite, apatite, moonstone, and fluorites. Wind stones are all about connecting to and communicating with one’s Higher Self and connecting with the more spiritual aspects of one’s nature. They are stimulating to the higher mind and are said to be psychoactive. They increase one’s mental focus and acuity; one’s ability to clearly express one’s thoughts and ideas; and one’s psychic and visionary capabilities.   
  • Storm Element stones: clear quartz, kyanite, covellite, Shiva lingam, herderite, and moldavite. Key words for Storm Element stones are transformation and transmutation. These stones can help to initiate dynamic balance and shifts in perspective allowing one to see the heretofore unseen. They cause massive movement in areas of blockage and can assist one in moving beyond one’s self-limiting beliefs and any old programming that no longer serves one’s highest good!
Once the vibrations of the stones have been introduced to the human energy field through proximity then a shift begins to occur. Thus begins the feedback loop that allows the body to attempt to correct any perceived imbalances.
This shift is actualized through the body’s natural biochemical responses to the electromagnetic stimuli from the stones. When the electromagnetic signatures
of the stones travel to the brain via the nervous system, the information transferred causes the brain to react in a way as if actual chemical compounds from the stones have been physically introduced to the body. This causes the brain to believe that it has the “working materials” to attempt to self-correct any related imbalances by drawing the needed vibrations via resonance with the stones. Once the stones are removed from the human energy field, their effect is no longer felt. However the chemical changes that have been initiated by their presence will continue the chain reaction of attempting to bring the body back into balance.
Crystals and stones can also be placed on one’s altar to represent an element, held during element specific meditations, used in elemental grids, applied in arrays during on the body layouts, worn in jewelry, carried in a pocket or placed in a medicine bag and carried on one’s person. When placed under one’s pillow with conscious intent they can also assist one with resonance during the dream state, astral travel or other inter-dimensional journeying.
Silla is a graduate of Naisha Ahsian’s Crystalis Institute  and is certified as a Crystal Resonance Therapist (CRTh) and is an Elemental shamanic practitioner.  She maintains a private therapeutic massage and energy based bodywork practice, BodyKneads & Energetics, in Scarborough, Maine. Silla is also the creator of “Elemental Attunements Jewelry”, jewelry created with intention! 
Contact Silla at (207) 883-1440 or  for more information. Or check out Naisha's website at
References: The Book of Stones (Who They Are & What They Teach) co-authored by Robert Simmons
& Naisha Ahsian with contributions by Hazel Raven ©2005, 2007 & The Crystal Ally Cards
(The Crystal Path to Self Knowledge) by Naisha Ahsian © 1995
The above article is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. The author does not advocate the use of  Elemental Energies or Crystals and Minerals (i.e. stones) as a substitute for professional health care (psychological or medical). Appropriate use of the following information is the express responsibility of the reader.
You are welcome to share the above article only in its complete, unaltered state, including Silla's info and the reference info at the end of the article 
giving credit where credit is due. Thank You! 
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