BodyKneads & Energetics - #2 "THE GROUNDING NET"
BodyKneads & Energetics -  Silla Von Faulk Trueworthy, Crystal Resonance Therapist™
The following information is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. The author does not advocate the use of  Elemental Energies or Crystals and Minerals (i.e. stones) as a substitute for professional health care (psychological or medical). Appropriate use of the following information is the express responsibility of the reader.
“The Grounding Net”
By Silla Von Faulk Trueworthy
Please note: In the context of the modalities that I practice the five elements are known as Earth; Fire; Water;  Wind;  & Storm.
In this article I will focus on two particular stones and their use in a specific layout. The grounding and clearing capabilities of the Earth Element are honored in the following layout by *Black Tourmaline. The Earth Element is associated with physicality. **“Tourmalated Quartz”
is associated with the element of Storm. The Storm element incorporates all of the other elements and is aligned with all of the chakras. Storm is not so much an element in and of itself but is more of an “event in time” when all of the other elements are at the apex of their power and come together in a state of dynamic balance which allows for massive change and shifts in perspective, transformation, and transmutation of energy.
This layout is aptly known as “The Grounding Net”. It was designed to assist one in connecting with the Earth’s electromagnetic energies for purposes of clearing, restoring and grounding one's energetic field. This “assist” may be especially helpful to people now, as it has been predicted that we are rapidly approaching the *“zero point” or the planetary polar shift (Earth’s poles reversing polarity).
An excellent time to experiment with this particular net is when the moon is void of course. The moon is said to be void of course from the last significant lunar aspect in each sign until the moon enters a new sign. This relatively small window of time is said to be good for grounding and centering one’s self. Of course the "Grounding  Net" may be equally useful anytime one feels the need. It is not necessary to use it only when the moon is void of course.
“The Grounding Net” was initially designed as an experiential demonstration for use in a public setting. I created it for, and introduced it at, an event at
The Magick Closet  in the spring of 2008.  Everyone who experienced the “Grounding Net” (about 20 people) at the event commented on how much they enjoyed it and how peacefully grounded, yet enlivened they felt during and after the experience. This layout is equally effective for use in the privacy of your home. I find it both relaxing and energizing. It is especially effective in releasing and clearing any  psychic debris that one may have encountered and with which one may have become resonate with during one’s day. One may choose to use it daily or on an “as needed basis”. Here are the instructions for following my format but one is empowered to experiment and create one's own grounding layout. Enjoy!
*Note: Scientific evidence suggests that since human life began on Earth there have been many zero points and their related pole shifts in the Earth's Magnetic Field. Many non-scientific sources suggest that the Earth’s Magnetic Field will reach a zero point by 2012.
To re-create my “Grounding Net” one will need…
  • Six pieces of **Tourmalated Quartz (TQ, I used small faceted stones - $3 ea.) but these can be rough pieces (energy will be more or less diffused with rougher stones)
  • Six pieces of *Schorl/Black Tourmaline (I used inexpensive rough pieces - around $2 ea.) approximately 1”x 1” some have “mica inclusions” which add a little “protective” oomph!)
  • A ***Clear Quartz (also Storm Element) heart to be placed on the heart chakra while resonating in the layout. This assists with releasing shadow stuff, and with opening and expanding the heart chakra. If you don't have a clear quartz heart, use a quartz crystal.  
  • Where I found my Stones: I purchased my **faceted stones (TQ) from Heather at Stones and Stuff on Congress Street, in Portland, ME; The * Schorl with mica and the quartz heart came from Leapin’ Lizards  in Pltd.)
  • I suggest using a yoga mat and/or a clean white sheet to cover the surface you will be resting on. White reflects Light. I use my shiatsu mat because it is more “cushy” than resting directly on the floor.
“The Grounding Net” Layout
Position the stones about 3” to 6” out from the body unless noted otherwise.
Upper Body
  • Just above the Crown at Soul Star: Place 1st piece of Tourmalined quartz (TQ)
  • Third Eye (center of forehead at brows) place 2nd (TQ) Note: The only stone position directly on the body
  • Place the 3rd and 4th pieces of (TQ) outside of each shoulder
  • The 5th and 6th  pieces of (TQ) are placed outside each of the elbows
Lower Body
  • Place the 1st & 2nd pieces of Schorl (S) one beside each trochanter (hip joint)
  • Place the 3rd & 4th pieces of (S) outside each knee
  • Place the 5th & 6th pieces of (S) outside each ankle
  • Place the 7th piece of (S) about 6” below both feet in the center (at the Earth Star chakra)
Relax by yourself - no pets, no kids, and no phones - turn them all out or off! Recline in “The Grounding Net” for a minimum of five minutes and up to fifteen minutes. This should be considered “refreshment”, not nap, time. Consciously observe any sensations and intuitive messages that you receive. Extended time in the net is not recommended for the lay person. Head phones and healing music enhance the pleasure of the net. You may wish to journal about your experiences for deeper insights.The greatest impact from resonating with the stones will be felt within the following 24 hrs. 
Cedar Song - Werner John
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