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BodyKneads & Energetics -  Silla Von Faulk Trueworthy, Crystal Resonance Therapist™
Exploring Your Inner Terrain with Crystals and Stones
By Silla Von Faulk Trueworthy CRTh, RMT, LMT
 (In the context of the modalities that I practice the elements are Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Storm.)
The following article appears as it was first published in the The Spiritual Renaissance Publication and Inner Tapestry publications.
Crystals and minerals interact with our energy field and physical body through chemical resonance. The crystal and mineral kingdom offers a wide range of chemical frequencies, available to us through resonance, for support of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. The chemical resonance between the stones and like molecules in the physical body creates a larger resonate field between the two.This larger resonate field within the physical and energetic bodies will then affect other vibrational fields in the body causing them to “attempt”  to align with the energy of the stones.   
Crystals and stones can also affect the human energy field through interaction with the electromagnetic spectrum. Light is the specific spectrum of energy frequencies known as the electromagnetic energy spectrum. These frequencies which are carried by photon particles travel in waves at about 8,000 miles per second (i.e. the speed of light). All frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum travel at the same rate whether they are high or low frequencies.    
The interaction of crystals and stones with light is visible to us in the form of color. The *color of the stones on an energetic level may vary from the external color of the stones, and because of this it is important not to choose stones based on their color alone. Any given stone carries several frequencies such as the frequencies of the archetypal energy of the stone (the “vibration” of the type of stone it is); the energy created by the specific mineral make-up of the particular stone; that of the location on the planet where the stone formed; *and the formation and interior alignment of the stone.  
Many crystals and stones can be applied effectively for exploring one’s inner dimensions through meditation because they enhance resonance with one’s higher aspects of self, and increase one’s spiritual understanding thus affording one deeper insight to one’s inner workings. This also makes them excellent tools for self-understanding, self-exploration, and expansion of consciousness especially during scrying and shamanic journeying. Although these various techniques or applications may sound mysterious they need not be overly complicated. Guided meditations, scrying and journeying techniques may be self-practiced or be effectively facilitated by another. Through these processes one may uncover or rediscover previously hidden parts of self through stimulation of one’s imagination and thought association.  Discovery, recovery and reintegration of these lost parts of self may aid one in becoming a more vital and whole person capable of living a fuller more satisfying life.   
The law of resonance states that whenever two similar vibrating bodies encounter each other their vibrations must come into a state of harmonic vibration or resonance. Their systems must come into harmony and the system that has the stronger energy field will cause the weaker system to realign itself in an attempt to resonate with the stronger field.                                                              
The way crystals and stones can “release” and “clear” old energetic programming is through the law of resonance. Vibration is information so if we change the information in our system by introducing our system to a stronger vibration, then the old information must realign to match the stronger energy to which it has been exposed. Conscious resonance is the ability to consciously attune to (resonate with) anything, no matter what its vibration, and gain and consciously “process” the information that it holds within its energy field into information which we can then access and understand.  Through conscious resonance to any person, place or a thing, one is able to access and process information which has been stored in a specific energy field. By continually practicing conscious resonance with particular energy patterns, you can clear old programs by realigning with the new energy. When an old energy pattern is realigned with a new one, the old energy pattern is released to the conscious mind. This allows you to see and understand what your unconscious lessons or patterns have been. Thus you are not only removing the information but you are consciously learning the intended lesson and freeing yourself of its pattern so that you are able to move on.
Although crystals and stones are not alive or “conscious” in the same way human’s experience consciousness they do gain and share information through resonance. It is important to remember to acknowledge and “ask” the stone for information and guidance during a stone meditation. This active imagination technique is quite effective in garnering useful information related to the care and use of the stone.    
I suggest one “journal” immediately following any given “stone meditation” because, as with dreams, information gained during the meditative state quickly fades and retention of the information is greatly reduced with time. I “journal” my personal experiences during stone meditations and I include any direction I may have received related to the general care and application or use of the stone for healing of self or others. I find that this is the best way for me to recapture any information that presented during the meditation that I wish retain for future reference.
I like to keep things simple and exercise my imagination so I tend to lead myself through a simple self-guided meditation specific to resonating with crystals and stones. I find it helpful, from time to time, to listen to my own “recorded” voice during self-guided stone meditations and so occasionally I’ll create a self-recorded meditation. I have even created written attunements for myself to use to come into strong resonance with a specific stone’s frequencies. Occasionally I do use guided meditations designed by others specifically for working with crystals and stones.
In general, Wind Element stones make excellent tools for meditation as they enhance mental acuity, focus, and cognitive ability. Their psychoactive properties and propensity for enhancing inner reflection make them invaluable support for the development of intuitive and psychic abilities. Stones containing beryllium (promotes resonance with higher states of consciousness/expands consciousness) and/or aluminum (stimulates inner visioning and communication with higher aspects of self and one’s inner guides) are important stones for enhancing meditative states. Some of my favorite Wind Element stones for meditation are Amethyst; Blue Apatite; Charoite; Moonstone; Sodalite; and Fluorites.
Mention the word scrying and, for those who are uninitiated but who actually recognize the word, it usually conjures up images of ancient gypsies with crystal balls and images of unsavory characters wielding voodoo chickens (no, not a cuisine)! There are many methods of scrying with the most cliché being crystal ball gazing and “black mirror” scrying. Scrying is an ancient form of divination that utilizes the unconscious mind to connect to one’s inner faculties. Scrying is usually done for spiritual purposes (visioning) and less commonly used for fortune telling. Scrying is traditionally done on a smooth reflective surface but children instinctively know the magic in cloud watching (a form of scrying) and letting one’s imagination focus upon the reflective surface of a body of water is something most of us have done at one time or another. “Smoking” is another form of scrying practiced by some native cultures and involves letting one’s imagination loose upon a cloud of smoke as a deliberate act to perceive events beyond the natural realm of the senses (guess it depends on what one is smoking).
I have found that many “patterned” or “reflective” crystals and stones such as chrysanthemum stone, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, picture and other japers, agates, obsidian, jet, labradorite, spectrolite, rhyolite; astrophyllite; hematite; quartz (both clear or with inclusions) readily lend themselves to scrying. Although not all of these stones are necessarily clear, and only some have reflective surfaces, I have found them all to be quite useful for the purpose of scrying. The patterned surface of many of stones easily stimulates one’s imagination to “see” forms or figures within the patterns and then from there to follow a flow of thought association thus stimulating deeper intuition and visions. Add to this the enhancement of resonance with the chemical makeup the stones and you have a great tool for stimulating the deeper aspects of mind. Some may argue that this is not true scrying and insist that in order to be called scrying one must have a “vision”. I have also experienced visions floating in a crystal ball or in the inclusions in a quartz crystal, as well as in mid-air or superimposed over the surface of leaves in trees and other objects but I try not to limit my mind to seeing only in one way.                                              
The following is a simple “Scrying” exercise. This particular exercise works somewhat similar to a “Magic Eye Image” for those who may be familiar with it. Sit in a relaxed fashion in a room with soft lighting; put yourself in a receptive state by taking a few slow, long, deep breaths in through your nose, exhaling slowly through your mouth (about three to five breaths). Hold your choice of patterned or reflective stone in your receptive hand. Now close your eyes while turning it over until it rests comfortably in your palm. Mentally note its texture and temperature. Slowly open your eyes and study the pattern or reflective surface of your stone. Pick an area of the stone’s patterning or reflective surface on which to gaze and soften your focus on this area.
Narrow in on this area until you are focused only on a small area of your stone and fix your softened vision upon it. Now slowly bring your stone as close to the tip of your nose as possible without touching it (you may feel slightly cross-eyed *><* ); next slowly move your stone a short distance away from your nose, until the pattern begins to look “dimensional”. Allowing your vision to soften and remain slightly out of focus while you peer at the pattern on your stone allowing any “associations” to come into your mind.
“Watch” as your imagination creates a form or “Story” from the blurred imagines or on the reflective surface. Continue “viewing” in this manner for 3 to 5 minutes until you get a sense of what the stone is trying to show you (this is not unlike reflecting upon one’s dreams); make journal notes of your thought associations and take time to reflect upon any insights that surface.
Shamanic Journeying
Hold any given stone you feel a connection with in your most receptive hand (for most people this is their left hand but you decide for yourself).  Intend to be guided by the stone’s inner being during your journey. Breathe deeply into your heart and exhale your breath into the stone several times, connecting to it in a loving way. Ask, and thank, your stone for guidance and assistance during your journeying. Proceed with your preferred style of journeying using your stone as a guide. It is best to use a stone that you have previously meditated with several times for your journey. I like to use a clear quartz crystal, which I have previously programmed with love, compassion, and gratitude as a journeying tool.

References: The Book of Stones (Who They Are & What They Teach) co-authored by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian with contributions by Hazel Raven ©2005, 2007; Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls: Tools for Ancient Scrying & Modern Seership (Crystals and New Age) - Paperback (Sept. 8, 2002) by Ted Andrews
This information is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. The author does not advocate the use of stones as a substitute for medical or psychological care.
Appropriate use of the following information is the express responsibility of the reader.
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