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Changing Perspectives –
Resonating with the Element of Storm
By Silla Von Faulk Trueworthy CRTh, RMT, LMT
 (In the context of the modalities that I practice the elements are Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Storm.)
…“When one is experiencing being “on their game”; “on top of the world”; or “in their element” one could be said to be in resonance with the Storm Element and its aspects of dynamic balance. To me there is no better feeling than simply experiencing balance in my daily life. When one’s daily life is in balance one is better able to cope with all of the unexpected challenges that life sometimes throws one’s way. The calm center at the “eye of the storm” can indeed be an empowering place! It is from this place of higher perspective that one learns to appreciate the “middle of the road” and learns to avoid the drama of extremes. It is when one is “out of balance” that one becomes ungrounded and life’s ups and downs can throw one for a loop.”… Excerpted from Resonating with the Elements by SVFT
Resonance with the Element of Storm affords one opportunities to radically transform any area or aspect of one’s life. Storm represents our creative potential and it often challenges our basic beliefs and/or triggers survival issues. However, once these issues are processed, Storm brings clarity and positive change in its wake. Through resonance with the Element of Storm one is able to access an intensely powerful source of transformative personal and healing power.
Storm existed as a primordial force before the separation of the other elemental forces of Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind!  Storm not only contains the energies of all of the other elemental forces but it is their very source. The “event” of Storm is created at the point in time when all of the other elements are at the height of their power simultaneously (it is also at this point in time that the balance between creation and destruction exists). Therefore, Storm is not limited to the power of any one individual elemental force.  
Storm is the powerful synergy that is required to create the necessary cleansing and purification needed in order for forward movement, of any real magnitude, to take place. The harmonious balance which results from the coming together of all of the elements, while at the apex of their power, allows for release from ingrained patterns, self-limiting belief systems, self-sabotage, and disempowering behaviors. Shifting one’s focus away from the self-imposed prison of one’s darker, more destructive thoughts can result in major shifts in perspective from which one can then create potent changes in one’s life.
The main physical systems that are ruled by the Storm Element are the nervous system and the connective tissue of the body. The Earth’s physical systems that are ruled by Storm are the Earth’s lei-lines (Earth’s nervous system) and the Earth’s Crust (containing crystals and minerals it acts as Earth’s connective tissues). Storm also affects all other systems of the body and of one’s life. When used in healing the effects of Storm will reach way beyond the physical issues one is working on. The energetic systems of the physical body (i.e. chakras) have a direct correlation to the structures of the nervous system and because of Storm’s relationship with the nervous system, and with all of the Elemental Forces, all of the major and minor chakras in the body are affected by the Storm Element! It is because of this that resonance with Storm can bring about powerful healings.
When all four of the other elemental energies are activated and brought into balance in an individual simultaneously, the event of Storm will naturally develop in order to bring one to a new level of reality. * It may be prudent to approach “Storm” in this more indirect way as, while incredibly powerful, calling in the energy of “Storm” directly may be too intense for some people or in some situations. Since Storm affects all of the systems of the body, and areas of one’s life, it can have intense side effects beyond physical and life issues.
Storm’s radical cleansing powers can be called upon to assist with effectively clearing and cleansing major energy constrictions in the body but this is not advisable for the inexperienced.* Invoking Storm directly in a healing situation can be useful when there is a strong resistance to change, clogged energy, or a blockage in a chakra (energy center) but it is often more appropriate to use a gentler approach by using other elemental energies to assist in moving blockages before resorting to calling upon Storm. When invoking Storm, in a healing facilitation for another, one must also be prepared to experience the effects of the Storm Element!
One excellent way to connect with and call in Storm Element energy is by working with crystals and minerals governed by the Storm Element. Clear Quartz is the premier Storm Element stone and its abilities to amplify energy will enhance the properties of all other stones. One note about working with the Storm Element through crystals and stones is that, when one is working in this way, one will also be working with the various chemical properties of the stones involved. I won’t elaborate here on which stones fall under the governance of the Storm Element but let it suffice to say that one can readily find this information in both The Book of Stones (Who They Are & What They Teach) co-authored by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian and in the book and card deck The Crystal Ally Cards(The Crystal Path to Knowledge), by Naisha Ahsian. These books are wonderful references for anyone wishing to learn more about the properties of and applications for the use of crystals and stones. You can also find additional information about all of the Elements, as well as free “Elemental Attunements”,on my website.
Casting stones; meditating with stones; consulting the *Crystal Ally Cards TM; calling in the Elements or journeying to meet one’s Elemental Guides are just a few ways to help one to determine one’s elemental balance and to connect with any of the Elements. Element specific elixirs are also useful tools that offer a powerful approach to working with the Elemental Forces through resonance. For those with little or no experience with conscious resonance, divination, or shamanic approaches, consulting an appropriately trained practitioner may be a viable option.
I have recently been working on resolving some issues in my personal life and practicing what I preach (resonating with Storm). I am always amazed at how quickly precise, insightful information is brought forth through resonance with the Element of Storm. Indeed I have not found a more direct route to clarity than through conscious resonance with the Storm Element. Storm not only gets my attention immediately it also enhances my intuitive cognition and stabilizes my emotions so that I can take effective action with balanced intention.
Storm leaves me feeling awakened, cleansed, refreshed, energized, and uplifted.  Since Storm is the event of all of the elements brought into balance, I too also feel brought into balance by resonating with the element of Storm.  I’ve always loved a good thunder and lightning display, the lovely fresh air after a good rain, and I even enjoy a good blizzard (although, I would rather pass on the necessary shoveling, but even that can be healthful physical exercise)! The sheer power of “Storm” commands my respect for it and all of the other Elements!
Creation; Destruction; Creation, it’s all good.
This information is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. The author does not advocate the use of stones (or other) as a substitute for medical or psychological care. Appropriate use of the following information is the express responsibility of the reader.
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