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Fire Agate
How to consciously attune (align or resonate) with "Elemental Attunements Jewelry"...
One will want to meditate
with each *piece of jewelry
at least three (3) times, with at
least 24 hours in between each meditation, or until you feel a strong connection with the “energies”
represented by each piece. If one is new to metaphysics
and working with crystals and stones set in jewelry (or other-wise), one may find that this work is very subtle at first but, with practice, I am confident that one will be able to learn to sense the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle!) energies of the various Elements and their associated stones. I suggest one not wear the jewelry for metaphysical attunement (resonance) on a daily basis until one has meditated with each piece as recommended. This is so one will be aware of the effects of the various energies on one's system. This is not necessary if one is just wearing it for “fashion enhancement” only. It is the actual process of consciously attuning or consciously resonating with the Elements and /or the stones that brings one into direct alignment or attunement with these subtle energies.
Please see #1, Resonating with the Elements  for more information about the various Elements and their areas of influence.
To practice the meditation, choose only one piece of jewelry (*or pair of earrings) at a time; allow about 15 minutes; find a quiet time and place, free of distractions (no pets, no kids, no phones etc.); sit comfortably in a relaxed fashion; hold the jewelry in your receptive hand (for most people it is their left hand that is most receptive but you determine).
Close your eyes; let your conscious awareness come to rest in the palm of the receptive hand which is holding the jewelry. Intend to sense the energies of the Element (s) and Stone (s) of the piece and allow them to blend with your hand. You may feel tingling, pulsing, heat or coolness, or nothing at all. Be free of concern if you do not feel anything as it may take some time and practice to become aware of what one is actually sensing (take your time and be patient). Next bring the piece to the center of your sternum (over the heart Chakra). With each inhalation, slowly and deliberately breathe its energy into your physical heart allowing it to spread throughout your entire body. On the exhalation imagine its energy expanding and filling your “Aura” until your entire energy field is filled with its frequencies. Continue breathing in this fashion for several minutes or until you feel a strong connection or energetic flow circulating in and througout your body and energetic field.When you are ready, “ground” these energies into the Earth with one final strong exhalation and with intention.
The most effect from resonating with the Elements and Stones is usually experienced within the following 24 hour period. One may wish to keep a journal handy for making note of any messages or insights one may receive during or immediately following the meditations, and for a few days following the conscious attunement process.
The stones themselves also have various, additional properties associated with them and one may find that one is continually drawn to pieces of jewelry with like stones. In this case, it is suggested that one also check references for the actual type of stone to expand one's knowledge of the stone's particular properties. One good reference book is The Book of Stones, who they are and what they teach;
co-authored by  Robert Simmons and Naishia Ahsian with contributions by Hazel Raven © 2007; 2009.
Wear your jewelry frequently, whenever you wish to connect with the Elemental influences and energies of the stones associated with your pieces. Enjoy! 
Many Blessings,
(Note: I love feedback on one's experiences with the attunements! Go to my
Guest Book if you'd like to share your experiences; Thx!)
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