BodyKneads & Energetics - BUSINESS POLICIES
BodyKneads & Energetics -  Silla Von Faulk Trueworthy, Crystal Resonance Therapist™
My Business Policies:
  • Overtime: I will advise you if your session requires more time than was originally scheduled, before I continue, so that you may approve any additional charges. This allows me to avoid running over during  sessions, keep any following appointments on time, and assists me in taking my recovery time between sessions so that I am fresh for my next appointment. 
  • Initial Intake Form: A confidential intake form is required to be filled out completely and honestly and it will be kept on file.  
  • To receive the most benefit from your session it is suggested that one rest quietly and focus one's attention on one's breathing or as directed during the session. Please inform the practitioner immediately of any discomfort.
  • Cancellation  and "No Show" Policy: 24 hours cancellation notice is required or payment, in full, is due within 48 hours of the missed appointment (No Show) or late cancellation. Future appointments will not be scheduled until payment is received for the late canceled or missed appointment.
  • Tardiness, of 10 minutes or more, causes the session to begin late I may choose to still end the session at the appointed time and payment, in full, will be still be due. Tardiness of more than 20 minutes is considered a "No Show" and payment will still be due the same as if the appointment was canceled with less than the required 24 hours. This policy allows me to stay on schedule for all my clients. Exceptions for late cancellation of appointments are foul weather and medical emergencies.
  • All payments are due when services are rendered with the exception of *product purchases (via the internet), or appointments for "distance or remote" facilitations. 
  • In these instances pre-payment is required by check or payment via *Pay Pal and is required before an order is filled and shipped or a remote session is scheduled. 
  • For office appointments I accept local checks or cash only.  No cash is kept on the premises.
  • Please bring the correct amount if paying in cash. I don't make change.
  • *There is an additional *$10.00 charge added when forgotten checkbooks etc. cause payment to be mailed the following day and/or if one has to leave my office and go to an ATM and return with payment later the same day.
  • Failure to pay for services is considered "theft of services" and will be reported as such. I am not set up for credit cards or insurance payments. Bounced checks incur additional fees (minimum of $35.00 per check).
  • NO TOLERANCE POLICY regarding any lewd or sexually suggestive behavior. Any such behavior will be grounds for the session to end immediately! If the session ends before the appointed time then payment, in full, is due immediately. Any attempted misconduct will be immediately reported to the proper authorities.
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