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Experience the transformation of...
The 24 Hour "Cleansing Vortex" Attunement!
This attunement is an "energetic assist" which has been designed to assist one with releasing all that no longer serves one' s highest purpose...
This Attunement  was created with intention to safely bring one into alignment or resonance with one's Highest Self (via ego surrender) for guidance and assistance with releasing any outmoded "programs" that no longer serve one's highest purpose (i.e. thought processes, emotional patterns, attitudes, ways of being, inappropriate actions, or addictions).
Through the processes of transformation and transmutation one's filters are then reprogrammed with the energies of  Divine Love, Surrender, Gratitude, and Humility. This Attunement was created to gently release only that which one is able to safely "process" at any given time. In this way one could say that it has an "energetic sheathing" built into it.
To receive the attunement embedded in this page, simply look at the image below for 5 to 10 seconds while "intending" to receive the 24 hr. "Cleansing Vortex" Attunement, and release all that no longer serves one's highest good! One will be in strong resonance with the "Cleansing Vortex" for the following 24 hour period! Sit quietly with the energy of the "Cleansing Vortex" for 5 to 10 minutes immediately following the "Cleansing Vortex" Attunement...                                 
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