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Crystal Heart
Radiance Healing 
24 Hour Attunement

All healing is self-healing and while many souls may assist one by facilitating the process, one can not heal if one does not do one's own work. It can not be done "for one" or "to one". One may be cured of a disease but may still not have learned how to heal and one may still heal without being cured.The difference between healing and curing is that the healing process offers one opportunities to participate in personal development; spiritual expansion; personal growth and self-knowledge; and gaining of wisdom through the processes of compassion for self and others. Curing is an allopathic term. To be cured of an illness or a disease assumes that it is something that is "done to you" and it is not a process in which you participate.
The "Crystal Heart Radiance Healing™" Attunement was created to assist one in attaining a state of emotional coherence. Being in a state of emotional coherence allows one to function optimally as a human being and enhances one's ability to create and manifest one's heart's desires.
This Attunement has been created to assist one in working directly thorough one's heart chakra to encourage and facilitate self-healing on all levels. 
This attunement triggers the opening of one's heart center and promotes clearing, cleansing, restoration, and revitalization of all aspects and functions of the heart center. It was designed to promote healing through improved resilience and enhanced immunity, alleviation of stress and anxiety, the fostering mental clarity and focus, the lifting one's spirit and the offering of hope. By aligning with self-love and self-acceptance one is able to receive and radiate even more love.
True healing requires that the healing process take place on this multitude of levels. By intending to receive this attunement you are acknowledging your own participation in your own healing process of your own free will!
The 24 Hour
"Crystal Heart Radiance Healing"  Attunement
To receive the attunement embedded in this page, simply look at the image above for 5 to 10 seconds and intend to receive it. Then close your eyes and sit quietly with the healing frequencies for to 10 minutes immediately following receiving this attunement!
This is a 24 hour attunement. This means that the energetic assistance is only available for a 24 hour period with each use. I recommend that one receive this attunement daily for 28 consecutive days and, thereafter, on occasion as one is so inclined. I also highly recommend journaling briefly each day during use and especially during the use for 28 consecutive days to capture any shifts in perspective and new insights on paper for future review. 

"Receive in joy and gratitude with many blessings!"
While this Attunement is offered free of charge a monthly donation ($1.00 per each use) is appreciated and helps to keep this website operating. Thank you for your help and many blessings! 
This attunement was created with the healing frequencies of  Amazonite; Rhondonite and the Elemental Energies of Water & Storm all for which I am very grateful! 
As an energy therapist, I do not advocate the use of any products or services (i.e. crystals and stones, metaphysical jewelry/tools, elixirs, energywork  facilitations, attunements or other)
as a substitute for medical or psychological care. If you have a health care or medical concern please seek the care of an appropriate medical professional.
Cedar Song - Werner John
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