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"Distance" Facilitations...
Remote sessions are also available for CRT™
Now through December 31, 2013 the pricing for a distance session is the same as its in-person-counterpart (please see Facilitations and Rates). Please contact me with any questions you may have regarding these distance facilitations, any special pricing, or to schedule a remote session, before you purchase through Pay Pal, by calling
(207) 883-1440 or emailing me (put "Remote CRT" in the heading so I can respond ASAP).
Crystal Resonance Therapy™ General Sessions are $155.00 per session.
*Scheduling note: It is recommended that one allows at least two weeks between each of Elemental Balancing Sessions in order for the needed integration of energies to be complete before receiving the next in the series.
(If you live outside of the continental United States and wish to purchase a remote session, please call or Contact Me  ~ I will  add a "cart" to allow those outside of the continential US to use Pay Pal).(counrty calling codes)
CRT General Remote Session
1.5 Hr. Distance (Remote) Crystal Resonance Therapy Session. Payment via Pay Pal!
Price: $155.00
CRT "Element Specific" Remote Session
1 Hr. Distance (Remote) CRT "Element Specific" Session Payment via Pay Pal!
Price: $133.00
Elemental Series - "Earth"; #1 in Series of 5.
1 Hr. Distance (Remote) CRT "Elemental Series" session ; Payment via Pay Pal!
Price: $133.00
Elemental Series - "Fire"; #2 in Series of 5.
1 Hr. Distance (Remote) CRT "Elemental Series" session; Payment via Pay Pal!
Price: $133.00
Elemental Series - "Water"; #3 in Series of 5.
1 Hr. Distnace (Remote) CRT "Elemtnal Series" session; Payment via Pay Pal!
Price: $133.00
Elmental Series - "Wind"; #4 in Series of 5.
1 Hr. Distance (Remote) CRT "Elemental Series" session; Payment via Pay Pal!
Price: $133.00
Elemental Series - *"Storm"; #5 is free if ALL (including #5) in the series are completed by 12/31/11.
The 5th Session; 1 Hr. Distance (Remote) of the CRT "Elemental Series" session is Free with the purchase and completion of all of the other 4 sessions in the series by December 31st, 2011 !
Price: $133.00
Formatting for Distance Sessions (what to expect)...
Once payment is received for the agreed upon, allotted time and type
of session, I will call to set up a mutually convenient time for the facilitation. One should honor oneself and arrange for their facilitation time to be without interruptions or distractions (i.e. no phones, no pets, no kids). 
One will be requested to fill out an intake form (completely)
which will be sent (and returned) by e-mail.
This information must be returned at least 24 hrs. in advance of one's
scheduled time so that it may be reviewed before one's facilitation. 
The questions on the intake form will help one determine one's intention for one's session and give me a general idea of the overall focus of the session. Your contact and intake information is kept on file and is confidential.
At the appointed time of one's facilitation, I will do a brief phone interview before beginning the session. Once this phone interview has ended one should immediately sit or lay back and prepare for their session to begin. Begin by taking a few slow, deep breaths in through your nose and exhaling slowly. During the session the recipient rests quietly while remaining  alert and paying close attention to their breathing any images, visions, daydreams, memories, and sensations that they experience. One will be instructed on a breathing technique with which one is to work.
A journal should be kept handy for recording these experiences immediately following the completion of one's session. It is best to do this writing before one gets up and walks around or leaves the room to return to other activities but not during your actual session.  
During the facilitation I am working as if one were in my physical presence. I will be assessing one's human system for elemental  balance, strength of the energy field or Aura, and the energy of the individual chakras, and one's overall chakra system. I will be connecting with my Elemental Guides and intuitively choosing which of the various crystals and minerals I have in my tool box are most appropriate to apply, then amplifying their energies through resonance, while directing these energies remotely to assist one in the attempt to balance one's human system. I will also be taking clinical (SOAP) session notes. Noting which stones were used in what positions etc. for reference when writing up my final interpretation of the session. The session format is much the same as if one were in my office in person.  
Once the session has been completed and I have made my notes I will call one to do a final exit interview to discuss what one experienced during one's session. This will take about another 15 minutes. I will take detailed notes, adding these to my clinical notes and I will keep these confidential notes on file. I will follow this with a detailed verbal account of what stones were used, in what positions they were applied, and what this might mean and how this information might be of use.There will also be time for questions and answers, as well as, any suggested "homework"that may help one to extend the benefits from one's session, such as a particular stone(s) with which one may wish to continue working.
The most impact from these sessions is usually felt in the following 24 hour period. However, the energies may continue  integrating anywhere from a few days up to a few weeks. Each session uncovers another layer of the energetic onion. One's experience is as unique as the individual!
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