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"Elemental Attunements Jewelry" created with intention! ETM
The rosary style pendant necklace 
below Earth, Fire, Wind, & Storm 
Sterling Silver and Aquamarine pendant & earring set. Sold; Sample Only
Elemental Attunements Jewelry...
jewelry created with intention!
Of course one may choose to wear “Elemental Attunement Jewelry"
just for fashion enhancement! However, “Elemental Attunements Jewelry” 
was designed to employ the benefits of  resonance with the archetypal energies of the Elemental  Kingdom, and the frequencies of crystals and stones.The various stones and precious metals have been intentionally combined to assist one with aligning with an Element and its associated area of governance for energetic support. Each of  the five elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, & Storm offer specific frequencies that govern and assist one with the various aspects of life.The stones also offer specific frequencies that may be employed for one's assistance. Resonating with them may be helpful  in attempting to restore balance to the physical and energetic bodies within the human system.
Each creation is unique and although some designs are similar, no two pieces are ever created exactly alike, either the combination of stones or the actual design itself will differ and, of course, all of the stones are unique and have their own special traits! Each piece of jewelry represents one (or more) of the five elements.
The five Elements and some of their associated areas of governance are:
(Earth) Physicality/Health/Daily Living; (Fire) Manifestation/ Creativity/Ability to Take Action; (Water) Emotions/Communication of Feelings/Intuition/Love & Relationships; (Wind) One's Mental Acuity/Spirituality/Communication with one’s Higher Self ; (Storm) Massive Movement/Higher Perception/Dynamic, Harmonious Balance/ Major Change/Shifts in Perspective.
Please see #1, Resonating with the Elements  for more information about the various Elements and their areas of influence.
I offer a wide range of jewelry to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Please e-mail or call for more information on: "Elemental Attunements Jewelry"; custom options; to be added to our upcoming showings & jewelry party e-mail list; or to arrange for a private jewelry showing.
To make a purchase on-line please click on my Etsy shop link below.
New pieces are continually being created and added so please check my Etsy Shop often! 

For local purchases, please contact me directly before purchasing through my shop! I accept cash or in state (Maine) checks or money orders for the exact amount only. Please call (207) 883-1440 with any inquiries, to schedule an appointment for a showing, or to make a purchase. Also, please note that my jewelry is available locally at Leapin' Lizards at both their Portland and Freeport, Maine locations!

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NEW!!! Interchangable Elements Earrings, Set #1
NEW!!! Interchangable Elements Earrings, Set #1
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