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BodyKneads & Energetics -  Silla Von Faulk Trueworthy, Crystal Resonance Therapist™
Elemental Attunements
The following Attunements are designed to bring you into strong resonance with the archtypal energies of each of the Elements.
For an introduction to all of the Elements and the areas each governs please read article #1,
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Assists with connecting to the Earth's electromagnetic field;
grounding; purification; protection; survival issues; health and wellness/diet and exercise; abundance and prosperity. Everything that supports living as a spiritual being in a physical world!
Assists with energy dynamics; self direction/setting goals; willpower; ability to take appropriate action; responsibility; creativity/artistic ability/manifestation; vitality/life force and reproductive energy. 
All forms of creativity!
Assists with cleansing and clearing; balancing the emotions; enhancing intuitive abilities; articulate speech; clear expression of one's emotions/feelings; setting emotional boundaries; relationships; love and intimacy; and compassion. All forms of love!
Assists with mental focus/acuity; clear expression of one's thoughts and ideas; dream work; psychic abilities, visions and telepathic abilities; spirituality; connecting with one's Higher Self,  and listening to one's inner guidance. All forms of Spirituality!
Assists with clearing blockages, moving beyond limiting beliefs, letting go of all that no longer serves one's highest good; transformation of self and transmutation of energy; dynamic balance; implementing major changes, and harmonious shifts in perspective. The "Big Picture"!
Comfort in the Night - Werer John & Alana Woods (Harp)
A Familiar Room
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