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Spring ~ Summer 2015

Marina Patrice Nolan, Transformational Coach
Marina Patrice has always had a thirst for knowledge. Her path of career development led her to employment in higher education within the field of finance.  
As a Transformational Coach she is passionate about helping people connect with their highest expressions of themselves. Marina Patrice’s professional training as a Life Mastery Institute Certified Dream Builder Coach, along with her natural entrepreneurial spirit, has propelled her to become the Chief Possibility Officer of Sweet Perfection Evocative Coaching. 

Evocative coaching focuses on asking the right questions and trusting that one knows the answers! Marina Patrice believes we are all co-creating with the Divine in each moment. Some of Marina Patrice’s favorite questions to ask for turning one’s dreams into reality are: What would I love? What is the best that could happen? & What if it does not get done today?

Marina Patrice keeps her passions fueled by her regular yoga practice; hiking in her favorite park; and by seeking out soul-forging conversations and connections with like-minded individuals. In September of 2015 she will begin a 200-hour, yoga teachers’ training program. Meanwhile she may be found enjoying the out-of-doors and nurturing her petite, organic garden patch. 

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Fall ~ Winter ~2014

Linda White Dove awakening facilitator, creator of 
The Mystery Mastery Healing System
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Spring ~ Summer ~ 2014

Toni Crotty, MA, CAMT, CRTh
Be Well and Wise and Energized 
Contact Toni:

Winter ~ 2013 to Spring 2014
Darlene Chadbourne, 
Master Numerologist and Life Guide...
Fall/Winter ~2013
The Reverend Gabriel Godwyne 
("Moon Child") ~ 
Purveyor of fine Crystal and Stones ~
Psychic; Clairvoyant;  & Medium!
(802) 387-4055 Land line (try 1st.) OR (802)246-7598 cell when on the road

Summer of 2013 
Becky Grant ~ Metaphyscian and 
President of Temple Heights Spiritual Camp
March/April of 2013 
Jailene Fontaine ~ Animal Communicator, Energy Healer, & Herbalist Jailene's Website is and link to FB is!/

February/March 2013 
Heather Nichols ~ Purveyor of Rocks, Minerals, Crystals & Stones

January/February 2013 
The Hypnotist ~ Barbara Foss

December 2012/January 2013
The Aura Reader ~ Jennifer Flint

October/November 2012
The Aura Photographer  ~ Ron Williams

Cedar Song, Wood Flutes - Werner John
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