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Flower of Life Healing Grid
for sending LOVE, PEACE, and HEALING to ...
Know that this grid was designed so that each time you send your love and blessings to our brothers and sisters of/and in Afghanistan, via this grid, it will be returned to you 1000 fold.

The grid in the photo above appears as it existed, inside a much larger (room sized) Clear Quartz Crystal, Amplifying Grid which I had previously programmed with the frequencies of "PRIMUS" energy. Here, on my website, you now see it as a "virtual healing grid"! This grid works in a similar fashion to my 24-hr. Crystal Attunements with which you may be familiar. 
I hope you will share it freely with your friends and loved ones, adding to the strength and effectiveness of this tool by working with it for a few minutes each day or whenever you find a convenient time! After you have worked with it here on my site a few times, you may find that you can easily access it "remotely" with your intention alone. Many Blessings!

When you send an assist via this grid it is activated for the following 24 hour period...

To "link-in" and join your love to all that is and allow it to be directed as intended through this grid, simply look at the image above for 5 to 10 seconds while allowing your Heart Chakra to open and expand and radiate love. When you feel connected close you eyes and sit with the energy of love for as long as you are able 
(5 to 10 minutes is suggested but even a few seconds is effective). 

"Caveat" ~ Do not do this while operating machinery and be sure you are "grounded" before returning to activities! :)

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