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This page is where I will post general answers to the most frequently asked questions sent to me via my "Contact Me" or "Guest Book" pages. Please check back often for the newest Q. & A. updates.
Shown Above: A dispersing "array"            
of Carnelian and clear quartz.

Q. Wondering if I could ask you a question?
You once explained the difference of amount of protection from jet, obsidian, onyx and maybe another stone. Would you mind explaining that to me again?

A. Many stones offer properties for protection but these are some of my favorites!
  • Jet ~ softer more diffuse energy (good for children)
  • Obsidian ~ sharper; more intense energy; scalpel like energy (good for removing entities and cutting cords)
  • Onyx ~ Black ~ good all round' protection; strengthens one's connection with the earth/mother nurture protection
  • Black Tourmaline ~ transmutes and transforms negativity (with mica inclusions it returns the energy of negativity to the sender but first it transmutes the energy into the energy of pure love so that the sender's negativity bomb is disarmed)! 
Q. Can you please explain what a "net" is and what difference there is between a grid and an array? I thought they were all just a "grid"...
A. Good question! It is important to know the difference between these tools and their appropriate applications so one can use the right tool for the most effective work.
  • One would lie in or be surrounded by a "net" (i.e. stones being placed close around the body but not directly on the body). A "grid" is usually thought of  as a larger structure which would be set up to hold a particular energy in a room or larger space. Gridding requires stones that are able to hold a program.  
  • AND both a "net" and a "grid" are different from an "array"... a crystal "array" goes directly on a specific area of the body (i.e. on a chakra or other area) to produce a specific, desired effect.
  • In working with any of these tools the directionality/positioning of the stones, and the "crystal count", as well as any Elemental interactions between the crystals, are all important considerations.                
  • Think of a crystal "grid" working similar to the way an aromatherapy diffuser diffuses the scent into the whole room; a crystal "net" as essential oil placed on a hankie and placed in a pocket or worn in a diffuser vile around one's neck and an "array" as essential oil(s) being applied directly to specific pulse points directly on the skin.
Q. "What's an attunement?"
A. My written and visual "attunements" are empowerments accessed via resonance 
(or alignment) with the intended concept (program or idea) or archetypal energies which they represent. Click here for link to the complete article! 
Q. I wonder could you explain polarity to me?  What elements are and are not in polarity?  I think I know but I am not sure and what consequences does it have if there is polarity?
A. ...The various elements also influence one another.  
  • Some elemental forces are supportive of each other and manifest as either stabilizing (calming = Magnetic) or energizing (stimulating = Frequency) energies. Other elemental forces are known as polarities because they are on the opposite ends of the energetic spectrum and they directly counter (balance) each other’s energy and define a spectrum of energy (i.e. Fire & Water or Earth & Wind). Note: Earth stabilizes/calms all of the other elements and Wind energizes/stimulates all of the other elements.
  • Click here to read the complete article "Resonating with the Elements"
More on Polarities...
The two “Elemental Polarities” are: Earth & Wind (physicality vs. spirituality) and
Fire & Water (creativity; energy dynamics vs. emotions, intuition).
“Polarities” in general  “define an energetic spectrum” and they balance each other's energy. Think of it as,within any given energetic spectrum, polarities represent the complete opposite ends of that spectrum (i.e.. the opposite “poles”).
When any given element is out of balance the opposite elemental "pole" will also be
(more or less) out of balance. If these energies are not equally represented in any given situation (or energy field) there will be a pull more toward one end of the energetic spectrum than the other (the greater the pull, the greater the challenge or conflict). The goal is to bring all elemental energies into balance which automatically creates the dynamic balance of “Storm”.
In order for ease of desired manifestations/creations, the head and the heart need to line up (not be in conflict) and one’s daily life must not be in conflict or opposition with one’s spiritual goals/ideals.
The Wind/Earth Polarity is the lesser challenging of the two polarities. Fire/Water can get tricky indeed because one is working with creative energy and one may end up creating exactly what they don’t want because they are in conflict during the creative process (especially when very strong emotions are involved). Garbage in, garbage out! As with any “extreme”, polarities can present challenges (like being pulled in two opposite directions at the same time).  Like the pendulum that swings first from one to side and then to the complete opposite side, one would ideally want it to come to rest in the middle (center of balance for creativity without conflict).
Of course nothing is ever completely black or white and it’s the shades of gray that leave room for interpretation and make life interesting! : >)
Many Blessings,

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