BodyKneads & Energetics - SHIVA LINGAM OCT - DEC 2014
BodyKneads & Energetics -  Silla Von Faulk Trueworthy, Crystal Resonance Therapist™

The New Crystal & Stone
 Attunement for October through December of 2014 features...

            Shiva Lingam
"Shiva Lingam"
Governed by the Element of Storm
Chemical Composition: SiO2
Hardness: 7
Crypto-crystalline Quartz
Location:Originating in the Narmada River in Onkar Mandhata 

Metaphysical, & Healing Properties of...
 Shiva Lingam is a...
Storm Element Stone ~ Keywords for Storm:(dynamic perspective; massive movement; and major change; the "Big Picture!"). 

Storm Element expressed as Shiva Lingam: Keywords: (Elan Vital; Kundalini activation; spiritual growth and transformation; elevation; enlightenment; ascension; rebirth) 
Shiva Lingams originate in the Narmada River in western India. They are named after the Hindu god, Shiva, and they are deeply connected to the Earth, as well as all the other Elemental forces... hence they are considered to be a Storm Element stone. There is quite a legend around this stone but alas so little time, so little room. Google it; I promise it will be worth the read!
The 24-hour Attunement to...
*Shiva Lingham!
To receive this 24-hour Attunement which has been embedded in the images on this page, simply look at all of the images above for 5 to 10 seconds each and intend to activate and receive the Attunement! 
Close your eyes and sit quietly with the frequencies of *Shiva Lingam for to 10 minutes immediately following this Attunement and allow the frequencies to integrate with your body and energy field ! 
You will be in strong resonance with the frequencies of *Shiva Lingam for the following 24 hour period! You may wish to keep a journal for the next few days so that you may capture any epiphanies or insights resulting from this Attunement!

This Attunement is offered free of charge...

However, a *monthly (*or per use) donation is appreciated and helps to keep this website operating. Thank you for your help and many blessings! 
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!with permission...
Cedar Song - Werner John
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