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Stone Consultations...
Stone Consultation
Approximately 30 minutes by phone (*or coming soon via Skype) by pre-arranged appointment only please.
Price: $55.00
"Stone Consultations" are available by pre-arranged appointment via telephone."Stone Consultations" are approximately 30 minutes in length and are $55.00. Pre-payment is required and is accepted through Pay Pal. Once your Pal Pal payment is verified, an appointment will be scheduled for a mutually convenient time. One may schedule a
"Stone Consultation" by calling (207) 883-1440 or e-mailing me at: . Please include a contact phone number, which you may be reached at during the hours of 9:00am to 6:00pm (US; NY Time), in your e-mail.
*Note: Calls through Skype may also be available soon!
To receive the most relative information during one's consultation it is best to hold a specific question in one's mind, or focus on a specific area of one's life. Generalized questions beget generalized information.
I will be facilitating the consultation, and offering my intuitive guidance, but one will be the one connecting the dots for oneself as to how it all fits in with one's own "personal movie". This is a "wakey-wakey" consultation not a passive "tell me all, oh great one..." prediction!
Stone consultations are based on intuitively choosing five stones which are then interpreted in relation to the stones' governing elements; the order in which the stones are chosen; and any significant Elemental interactions between the stones' governing Elements and the governing Elements of their positions. Additional stones are then "ratteled" to glean the information they offer.
Practical guidance is shared as to how this information may be beneficial to understanding the circumstances in one's daily life. Additionally, suggestions are offered for "homework" related to what stones and/or Elements might be beneficial for one to consciously work with (via resonance) for assistance with any current  life challenges.
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