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BodyKneads & Energetics -  Silla Von Faulk Trueworthy, Crystal Resonance Therapist™

The Season of Light... “JOY” Attunement
This is an attunement to the joyous celebration of the “Oneness of Life” and all that it means to be“One of the Light”!
This attunement has been created to assist you in coming into resonance with all of the “JOY” represented by this season of the “Celebration of the Light”...
 - no matter what your religious background, beliefs, traditions, or lack-there-of! Note: Astronomically speaking, Winter Solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year. Although its true date differs from year to year, this year Winter Solstice, or the celebration of Yule, falls on the 21st of December. This festival of peace is a celebration of the return of the light!                  
 This attunement may be used as often as one choses to experience JOY!
The "JOY" Attunement...
To receive the embedded attunement in this page, simply look at the image above for 5 to 10 seconds and intend to receive the 24 hr "JOY" Attunement!
You will be in strong resonance with the emotion of
"JOY" for the following 24 hour period! Sit quietly with the energy of "JOY" for 5 to 10 minutes immediately following the "JOY" Attunement...
(Note: I love feedback on one's experiences with the attunements! Go to my
Guest Book if you'd like to share your experiences; Thx!)

Comfort in the Night - Werner Jonn & Alana Woods (Harp)
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