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BodyKneads & Energetics -  Silla Von Faulk Trueworthy, Crystal Resonance Therapist™

Testimonials are posted with permission...
Silla is a compassionate, kind and gifted healer, her breadth of knowledge of energy work systems, the chakras and crystals (CRT) is astounding. My sessions with her, both in person and long-distance, have been both enlightening, in the knowledge she shares with me through her end of session analysis, and expanding through the deep and moving work throughout the session energetically through the crystals she uses and the energy she generates and channels. The after effects of my sessions with her have had a great impact on my life; I was struggling with finding the stamina and faith to continue the pursuit of my life's work and having sessions with Silla has brought me back to my path, renewing and invigorating my passion and faith to follow my dream. I would highly recommend Silla as she has a wonderful and caring approach that assists one in moving through the sometimes difficult and painful healing journey. - L. P.
 "My CRT session with Silla Von Faulk Trueworthy was a fabulous session;
it was more than I expected. The session allowed me to heal an old injury and emotions related to it. I was able to improve my life because of the treatment preformed. Silla has a very comfortable energy which makes it feel very safe when dealing with any difficult issues. I was so blessed to experience this treatment with her. She is an amazing teacher and healer. Her loving voice and beautiful environment certainly added to the session. If you have never tried this type of service I strongly recommend it. I felt so much lighter, clear and rebalanced. This session also allowed me to release some fears and depression I was experiencing.  The rocks and crystals were exactly what I needed giving exactly the support needed at that time. Atma Namaste,"- Jayme Lane
"Silla is a gifted guide and my CRT session was enlightened by her obvious passion and ease of communication with the crystals. She made sure I was comfortable and explained how the session would proceed, answering all of my questions before she began. Her follow up notes were a useful tool in revisiting the session and they offered practical suggestions on how I could continue to connect with the energy of the session. I highly recommend that you try a CRT session for yourself."
 - MPVG                                                                                         
My CRT session with Silla was amazing! Each crystal and its placement brought about different sensations; one hand was super hot while the other was cold. At one point I experienced some intense movement in my chest. Overall I had an ethereal “floating” sensation and was very much present although much of what I went through I couldn’t articulate afterward. I did get a couple of “messages” that were specific to my personal growth at this time; one came through audibly and the other was more in pictures. Even though I knew Silla was there with me her presence was not intrusive; she facilitated this relaxing treatment in a way that seemed to blend her energy with mine and that of the crystals.
I had an intention for this session that is continuing to unfold in my everyday life! I highly recommend CRT to others.
 - Elizabeth Jackson, LMT, RMT
"I have been blessed to experience sessions with Silla related to all five elements. Each one was an incredibly powerful and life changing event. Silla's knowledge of and affinity with the stones and elements is unmatched. Her attention to details and to my comfort on every level was reassuring and put me completely at ease. I highly recommend Silla to all who are interested in experiencing Crystal Resonance Therapy. Additionally, I have several pieces of her Elemental Attunements Jewelry and wear them often!"
"Hi Silla, I would like to thank you again for my Water Element Balancing Session! I was pleased that it turned out as I expected and that I have seen results. In the last couple of weeks since the Water balancing Session I have noticed some shifting in my emotional state. The desire to return to my school work is returning. My emotions and desires are becoming more even, like the pendulum swinging and resting in the center. I am feeling more centered in general this week and even considering not selling our home and just putting down permanent roots. I feel like my days are becoming more balanced as well. At first I was up until 2 & 3am, now I have been able to get to sleep at night by 11pm in the last few days, which of course is always helpful for every other area of my life as well. My husband has been affected too. He and I are communicating better and getting along better this week compared to last. I even noticed some of the same shifting in my boys and they are doing better this week also. Looking at the adjustments in the last two weeks under the paradigm of a pendulum swinging makes it more helpful to understand the shifts that are happening. I look forward to having another session with you."
 -Blessings, M.
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