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The Blessing Bowl...
Embedded in the images on this page is a blessing that is designed to bring one into a receptive state and into conscious alignment with Divine Grace for purposes of "realizing" all of the Divine Gifts and Blessings that are one's true birthright. This blessing facilitates the opening of one's mind to the possibility of seeing the hand of the Divine at play in all that is, so that one may know one's true identity as a Divine being. 
To receive the blessing embedded in this page, simply look at the image for several seconds & intend to receive all of the Divine Gifts that are held in store for you. Sit quietly in gratitude with the energy of The Blessing Bowl for a few minutes immediately following receiving the blessing.
This blessing never expires; It may be received as many times as one chooses to activate it by looking at the image with the intention of receiving the blessing. One may wish to receive it daily. You may also wish to keep a gratitude journal for recording Divine Insights.
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Ganesha: Lord of success & overcomer of obstacles!
Yellow (Golden) Fluorite ~ "Unity Consciousness and Abundance for All!" Promotes mental acuity and helps to focus action and intention. Thought to help in stablizing group energy and promote working toward the common good; Calcium Fluorine ~ CaF
 While this Attunement is offered free of charge a monthly (or per each use) donation is appreciated and helps to keep this website operating. Thank you for your help and many blessings!


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Comfort in the Night - Werner John & Alana Woods (Harp)
Angels Near
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