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This Attunement page is an "altar" (or dedication) to the Element of Earth!
(Energetically co-created via resonance with the Element of Earth and the frequencies of Petrified Wood; Jet; Black Tourmaline; Heliotrope/Bloodstone; & Smoky Quartz)
The following is an abbreviated introduction to the Earth Element.
The Earth Element governs all things that support one’s physicality and survival. The Earth Element’s influence can be felt in one’s family structure; home environment; relationships with one’s immediate and extended family members and friends; one’s work environment and one’s relationships with co-workers, as well as, one’s place or standing in one’s community at large. One’s general health and physical wellness (diet and exercise etc.) also falls under the governance of the Earth Element. In the physical body the Earth Element is represented by the denser tissues and the skeletal system.
The "Earth Element" Attunement...
To receive the attunement embedded in this page, simply look at the image for 5 to 10 seconds & intend to receive the 24 hr Earth Element Attunement! You will be in strong resonance with the Earth Element for the following 24 hour period! Sit quietly with the energy of Earth for 5 to 10 minutes immediately following the Earth Element Attunement...

While this Attunement is offered free of charge a monthly (or per each use) donation is appreciated and helps to keep this website operating. Thank you for your help and many blessings!

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