BodyKneads & Energetics -  Silla Von Faulk Trueworthy, Crystal Resonance Therapist™

This Attunement is an "altar" (or dedication) to the
Element of Fire!
(Energetically co-created via resonance with the Element of Fire and the frequencies of Carnelian; Orange Calcite; Malachite; Ctirine; Sunstone;
Rhodochrosite; Rhodonite; & Fire Agate)
The following is an abbreviated introduction to the Fire Element.
The Fire Element governs “energy dynamics” including one’s vitality and the flow of energy throughout the physical and energetic bodies; one’s will and one’s personal ability to take appropriate action (response-ability); one’s manifestation capabilities (how one uses one’s energy to take action to manifest in the worldly plane); the integration
of the emotions of fear and anger; one’s reproductive, digestive and endocrine systems; and one’s creativity or artistic tendencies.The polarity aspect of the Fire Element is expressed as creation and destruction.
The "Fire Element" Attunement...
To receive the embedded attunement in this page, simply look at the image for 5 to 10 seconds and intend to receive the 24 hr Fire Element Attunement!You will be in strong resonance with the Fire Element for the following 24 hour period!Sit quietly with the energy of Fire for 5 to 10 minutes immediately following the Fire Element Attunement...

While this Attunement is offered free of charge a monthly (or per each use) donation is appreciated and helps to keep this website operating. Thank you for your help and many blessings!

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Comfort in the Night - Werner Jonn & Alana Woods (Harp)
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