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This Attunement page is an "altar" (or dedication) to the Element of Storm!
(Energetically co-created with the Element of Storm and the frequencies of  Clear Quartz; Herderite; Moldavite; Seraphinite; Septarian; Golden and Pink Danubrite; Kyanite; Azeztulite; & Phenacite)
The following is an abbreviated introduction to the Storm Element.
The Storm Element  isn’t actually an element at all. It is the embodiment of the moment of balance between creation and destruction. Storm existed as a primordial force before Earth, Fire, Water,  and Wind separated and became individual elements. Storm is not only the result of the synergy of all of the other four elements it is also the source from which these elements have sprung. Storm is more of “an event in time” when all of the other elements are at the apex of their power simultaneously which creates the needed synergy for massive movement, dynamic balancing, and the resulting major changes and shifts in perspective that are needed to bring about radical transformation and harmonious balance. It is through resonance with the Storm Element that one is afforded an opportunity to radically transform any aspect of one’s life. Storm’s influence is extremely cathartic and purifying. Every system of the body falls under the influence of Storm but the connective tissue and the nervous system are particularly resonate with this element.
The "Storm Element"  Attunement...
To receive the attunement embedded in this page, simply look at the image for 5 to 10 seconds & intend to receive the 24 hr Storm Element Attunement! You will be in strong resonance with the Storm Element for the following 24 hour period! Sit quietly with the energy of Storm for 5 to 10 minutes immediately following the Storm Element Attunement...

While this Attunement is offered free of charge a monthly (or per each use) donation is appreciated and helps to keep this website operating. Thank you for your help and many blessings!
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