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This week's "Try it On" is now activated...


This "Try It On" featured piece will be active now through 3/31/13 ~ Enjoy!
Click on photo at the left for direct link to my Etsy Shop's Facebook Timeline where you'll find the Attunement ! Enjoy!


This week's "Try It On" is now Activated...ENJOY!

Just click on the photo at the left to go directly to the Attunement! 

It is "pinned" to the top of my Elemental Attunements Jewelry's Timeline.

This week's "Try It On" is now activated!

Now Activated!!! 
Storm Blue-Green Kyanite Pendant Necklace - featuring Blue-Green Kyanite with Sterling Silver. This Storm Element Pendant Necklace is this week's featured "Try It On" piece! Enjoy "wearing" it for a day!
Click on Photo for link to...
 "Try It On!"
This week's ~ "Try It On" ~  Necklace  can be found in my Etsy Shop ~ ElementalAttunements! 

"Try It On" Now Activated...

Now Activated!!! 
Earth, Fire & Wind Pendant Necklace - featuring Amethyst, Yellow Onyx, Pyrite, Liverstone Jasper, and Yellow Jasper, with Sterling Silver. This Earth, Fire & Wind Pendant Necklace is this week's featured "Try It On" piece! 
Click on Photo for link to "Try It On!"
Enjoy "wearing" it for a day!

This week's ~ "Try It On" ~  Necklace  can be found in my Etsy Shop ElementalAttunements! http://www.etsy.com/shop/ElementalAttunements?page=2

New "Try It On!" for the week of 2/8/13 through 2/15/13 is Now Activated

"Try It ON!" 
featuring Lapis Lazuli 
Wind Element Necklace 
is now activated for the week of 
2/8/13 through 2/15/13  on my Elemental Attunements Jewelry Timeline!  


  1. Lapis Lazuli Wind Element Necklace This week's "Try It On" ~ features this beautiful Lapis Lazuli & Sterling Silver Necklace which can be found in my Etsy Shop ElementalAttunements! http://www.etsy.com/shop/ElementalAttunements?page=2