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September 2010

New Beads & Stones!

Stopped by Caravan Beads... three days in a row! Got some fabulous new stones for making new jewelry for upcoming shows and for Christmas presents! I 've had several requests for bracelets (which I usually don't make) so I'm taking a stab at making up a few!

One of my favorite Earth Stones is Jet...

Jet (Lignite/coal): Earth Jet is a form of fossilized wood (coal), and is black in color. It is often applied for its gentle nurturing, purifying, grounding, stabilizing, and protective qualities. It is also thought to be stimulating to the Kundalini (Shakti) energy as it is most resonate with the 1, Root, chakra. It is also considered to have transmuting properties. Jet facilitates deep explorations of both the personal and collective unconscious. For this purpose jet combines especially well with black tourmaline, black obsidian, and smoky quartz. Jet is purifying to the Aura as it is able to absorb and transmute undesirable energies thus leaving the Aura cleansed and refreshed.  Jet acts like a mirror by allowing one to see and “own” both one’s abilities and one’s short comings.

Freeport Psychic Fair was so fun!

We had perfect weather for the Psychic Fair at Leapin' Lizard's in Freeport yesterday! The Gong Baths with Ron & Joan and their crew were fabulous!
I had Barbara Labbe (This Little Light of Mine) take my "Aura Photograph" and I sprung for the special with the full 23 page report and got some great information and guidance! Gabriel of "Moon Child Gems" had many tempting cyrstals and stones and I picked up a many new tools (stones) for my Crystal Resonance Sessions. A special "thank you" to everyone who viewed and/or purchased my jewelry! It was a successful day and it was great to meet new folks and greet familar faces!

Black Obsidian can be readily used for Shadow Work...

Black Obsidian (SiO2 - with impurities): Earth Black Obsidian is a very grounding and psychically protective stone which is said to be cleansing and useful for removing not only negativity in one’s environment, but for clearing one's own self-generated negative emotions (i.e. greed, jealousy, anger, and resentment) . In healing work it is considered a powerful stone to use for clearing blockages as it allows issues to surface quickly for resolution.  As it is an intense ally one must be ready to bravely confront their issues once this stone is called into action. Black obsidian may be helpful in exposing power imbalances or abuses of self or others, and for dealings with issues of self-control (lack thereof). It is often applied to assist one with any unwillingness to let go of the past (i.e. grief, grudges, old traumas and the like).  Black obsidian is thought to be an aid for quickly resolving any emotionally based, physical illnesses as it offers a direct route to the discovery of the root cause, but one must be willing and ready for the illness to be healed. As a powerful ally for grounding spiritual energies into the physical world,  it is amazingly effective for shadow work because it helps one to acknowledge one’s shadow and to allow any  negative memories, experiences or projections to surface so that they can be resolved at the conscious level.

Saturday, September 18th

My next jewelry show for my " Elemental Attunements Jewelry", jewelry created with intention, is this coming Saturday, September, 18th, from 11 am to 4pm at Leapin Lizards in Freeport Maine (At their Psychic Fair). Come if you can, enjoy the Psychic Fair, and stop by and say hello to me and peruse my latest creations!
Smoky Quartz   Chrysoprase       Fire Agate        Rhodocrosite & Smoky Quartz

Resonate with me...

Resonate with me via my "Personal Fractal Energy Mandala" and receive a personal blessing! Go to http://www.bodykneadsandenergetics.com/             scroll down the navigation bar to My Fractal Energy Mandala and click!
Mandala created for me by...
K. Allen Kay, Transformatial Artist; creator of "Fractal Energy Mandals"
Personal Artwork for the Soul  http://fractalenergymandala.com/  

Lifetime Elemental Assessment included in CRT Session...

Offer good for both "On Site"  and "Distance" sessions.

Free Lifetime Elemental Balance Assessment when you ...

Now through the end of the 2010, when you receive your next "Crystal Resonance Therapy" session I will include a "Lifetime Elemental Balance Assessment" (a $15.00 value). Please mention this offer when booking your appointment to receive this added service free of charge. In order to do the added assessment I will need the date, time, and location of your birth.

Upcoming Events: Mark your calendars!

Sept. 26th: So. Portland, ME; Spiritual Renaissance *Crystal Fair 11AM - 4PM