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February 2011

Next Primus Meditation Group Meeting in Scarborough...

Next Primus Meditation Group Meeting in Scarborough, ME is on...
Monday, March 7th, from 6:30 to 7:30pm. Please remember to RSVP if you plan to attend. Thank You!

Rescheduling today...

2/25/11 ~ SNOW DAY!
Rescheduling all of my clients!
There man be a snowman waiting to be created in  the front yard...
Enjoy the day and stay warm!


Happy Valentine's Day
Recommeded for improving Relationships & Emotinal Connections...
Resonating with the
Element of Water
via the Water Element Attunement...  & February's Crystal & Stone Attuenment both free on my website. Enjoy!

Water, Water, everywhere...

Today, I'm Resonating with the Element of Water!

Special Feature: The Water Element Attunement...

February is  associated with Love and  St. Valentines' Day  but what about all of our other emotions?
was designed to promote a sense of calm centeredness and an open, loving heart but it was also designed to integrate the wide range of  all human emotions so that one may live a more balanced and effective life. Enjoy!
(click on the link above to go directly to the attunement!)

New article re: "Storm Element"...

Changing Perspectives -
Resonating with the Element of Storm...

Pink Smithsonite is the featured stone for February's Crystal Attunement...

To access February's
Crystal & Stone Attunement to
Pink Smithsonite...

Happy Ground Hogs' Day Everyone :>)

Is this little critter a Ground Hog, Hedge Hog or a Porcupine???!!!
Are Hedge Hogs the same creatures as  Ground Hogs? Inquiring minds want to know... comment on my blog!
Suppose any or all  of them are all responsible for six more week of winter?

Snow Day!

Oh sooooooooooo snowy here today...off to shovel the white stuff.
Happy Snow Day Everyone!
Many Blessings...