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March 2011

Sharing the free 24 Hr. Water Elemental Attunement...

(click above link to this free 24 hr. Attunement)
May we all add our blessings to and be blessed by the 

March 17th...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day and Irish Blessings Everyone!

Just Breathe...

Do As One - Breathe in Conscious Unity!

I'm dreaming of spring! It is just around the corner...

Depending on where you live it is almost time to put out the Hummingbird Feeders! Here in Maine we have a bit more time to prepare than most of the rest of the US! Let's make sure our finely feathered petites find food awaiting them upon their return!

Hearing all that you can...

Free Hearing test and Infomration on Hearing!

March's Crystal and Stone Attunement...

ENJOY!  Remember to share your comments in my Guest Book!