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October 2012

New tools ~ Kinetic Chain Release...

Marvelous feed back from one of my massage clients today! 
I added "Kinetic Chain Release" (KCR) BEFORE doing massage for this client whom has had chronic knee and ankle pain (and ankle weakness) for a long time. When my client got up off the massage table following the 10 minute, KCR protocol (before the massage) she stated that she noticed a lot less pain in her knees and ankles. Yea!

Had an incredible learning experience this weekend...

  1. I spent a fabulous 2 day weekend being a student again and learning Kinetic Chain Release (KCR), the amazing protocol developed by Hugh Gilbert, PT. I received "KCR" and gave "KCR" all weekend along with a fantastic group of folks! I experienced some incredible postural and energetic alignments and emotional releases!
    Special appreciation goes to Jennie Krasse for her dedication and all of her efforts in bringing this training event with Hugh Gilbert and Jane Wardlaw to Maine.

    If you are inclined to do so please check it out. It is my opinion that this highly effective protocol would dovetail very nicely with massage therapy, Polarity, Reiki or other energywork.

    Many Blessings,

Kinetic Chain Release

Last evening I was blessed to receive some fine healing work from a lovely gentleman from Scotland. Hugh Gilbert is presently traveling and teaching in the USA. The modality that he has developed from his many years of experience as a master Physical Therapist is know as Kinetic Chain Release. On this coming Oct. 27th & 28th I will be taking the Level 1 training for this amazing protocol. For more information about Hugh and what he has to offer visit ~ http://www.KineticChainRelease.com  or to check on participating in this KCR Level 1 course contact: Jennie Krasse ~ jenniekrasse@yahoo.com

Many Blessings!

Upcoming events...

The next opportunity to attend one of my upcoming "Elemental Attunements Jewelry" Events is...
Nov. 10th ~ Portland Leapin' Lizards' "Psychic Fair" which is followed next by my *"Pre-Holiday" Home Jewelry Show on Nov. 18th.
It might be an *"Open House" format this time. I'll keep you all posted!
Please email me if you want an invitation to the Nov. 18th event! 
Then December 1st., I'll be at the "Holistic Mystic Fair" in Augusta; look for me and say hello!

Sunday's Enlightenment Expo

Sunday's/yesterday's "Enlightenment Expo" was very enlightening on a multitude of levels! Even though I was there as a vendor with my "Elemental Attunements Jewelry", I was blessed to be able to receive some fine body and energy work! I had a restorative 10 minute chair massage (Thx Brian) and a wonderful introduction to "Kinetic Chain Release" from Hugh and Jane Gilbert! It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and meet some new folks too! Just being in the flow of all of the healing energies going on around me was absolutely fabulous! Special thanks to Dede Eaton for once again bringing this wonderful event to the Greater Portland area! May everyone enjoy a blessed week ahead!

October's Crystal & Stone Attunement for" PYRITE" is now ACTIVATED!

October's Crystal and Stone Attunement is for"PYRITE" ...and is nowACTIVATED! Click here or on the photo at the left to go directly to the Attunement! ENJOY!

Coming in 2013

Coming in 2013... After many years of learning and working with a vast variety of healing modalities I have developed my own unique healing methodology and I will begin teaching it in a multi-level format after the first of the new year (2013). I am now in the process of refining a name for this system of work. Stay "attuned" for more information. 
To be added to my class notification/application list please send me a private e-mail at silla@wiseone.zzn.com

Just activated a new 24 hour Attunement check it out...

Now Activated the...

New on my website... cross marketing via "The Energy Exchange"

Do you know this man?!

I've just added a new page to my website...
Check out my first featured guest at...

1st Friday of the Month!

REMINDER ~ It is the 1st Friday of the month again and  I will be at Leapin' Lizards in Freeport, ME tomorrow (from noon till 4pm) ~ Call (207) 855-0900 to schedule ahead or "walk-in" for either a Primus Activation Healing Technique session or a Crystal and Stone Consultation...
Hope you can make it!