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Special offerings...

Meet Diana Pecoraro...

Please make sure to tell Diana that I referred you!

I am sharing this information about my gifted friend, Diana Pecoraro, because I want to help get the word out about her special gifts and abilities!  Diana has been cultivating her metaphysical skills for over 23 years. Her gifts of clairvoyance and clairsentience have been active since her childhood. Diana holds certifications from My Mind to Yours University as an angelic reader, a medium and a psychic. She apprenticed at the Seneca Reservation in upstate New York with the respected Native American elder, and medicine woman of the Lakota Sioux and the Seneca tribes, Grandmother Kitty. While she was under the tutelage of Gram Kitty, Diana learned the healing methodologies of the Wolf Clan of the Iroquois Nation on the Seneca Reservation.
Diana has been certified as a Reiki II (Usui) practitioner since 1990.  Since 2011, and continuing through the present, she has facilitated many support groups for cancer survivors and has taught various meditation classes at the Cancer Community Center.
In October of 2013 Diana received her ordination as a Universal Life Minister. Additionally, and prior to her spiritual epiphanies, she earned her B.A. in economics in1982. Diana continues walking on Great Spirit’s path while living locally in Maine with her 18 year old son and four rescue dogs!
As Diana is bilingual and is fluent in both English and Spanish, whether you prefer a reading to be shared in English or Spanish, Diana is the reader for you!
Diana offers readings that work with one’s Higher Self and Divine Essence. Information offering one concrete guidance and suggestions for one’s current life situations or challenges may come through for one from Guides, Archangels, and the Ascended Masters. Mediumship readings, and pet communication sessions are also available. Other offerings by Diana include Angelic Readings, Ascended Masters' Classes, Healing Sessions, Usui Reiki.

Contact Information: Diana’s business phone is (207)-370-2358; her email address is: dpecoraro38@hotmail.com.

"Happy Mother's Day!" from Elemental Attunements Jewelry...

ElementalAttunements' Shop Announcement


Coupon: Read details below....

Free shipping NOW through MOTHER'S DAY 2013 (coupon expires at midnight on May 12th, 2013) use coupon code ~ Itisformom2013 ~ to receive free shipping on any order of $29.00 or more shipping to one individual address in the continental US only. If you have multiple orders that need to ship to separate addresses, please place each order separately. This coupon is valid through midnight May the 12th of 2013. Remember, one must type in the above coupon code *AT THE TIME ONE PLACE ONE'S ORDER in order to receive the free shipping (*no exceptions).  http://www.etsy.com/shop/ElementalAttunements?page=2

Special Offer...coming into harmonic balance with the Water Element...

< Aquamarine
Special Pricing for a....
"Water Element Session" is now in effect through March 21st, 2012... Length: Approx. 1 Hour(+) for $125.00
As Naisha Ahsian states in her "2012 Yearly Reading for the Planet" the Earth, and all life supported by her, is presently attempting to come into harmonic balance via resonance with the Element of Water. In order to better understand some of the possible, relative benefits from an Elemental Balancing Session I suggest one read "Resonating with the Elements"in the article section of this web site. Also see "Testimonials"for shared experiences of different types of sessions.
Element specific (i.e. either Earth, Fire, Water,Wind,or Storm) balancing sessions are offered individually as well as in a series (special offfer below for the series).The main focus of this type of session is the assessment and attempted balancing of a specific Element as it is currently presenting within one's human system. CRT, "Element Specific" Sessions are normally $133.00 per session. An individual "Element Specific" session can be received in any order.
Crystal Resonance Therapy™
Elemental Balancing Sessions
*"The Elemental Series":
Elemental Balancing sessions are also offered in a series of five sessions
(i.e. one session for each of the five Elements, over a period of time). Each session follows in sequence, with each session building upon the previous session (i.e. one would begin with an Earth Element Balancing Session, and complete the series with a Storm Element Balancing session). The average time suggestedt o allow between these sessions is two to three weeks (+/-).
*Special Offer:
"The Elemental Series"
All Five Elemental Balancing Sessions for the price of Four
Save $133.00! How it works: Pay $133.00, at the time of each session, for the first four sequential sessions, and your fifth session is free!No cash back or rebate for this offer. In order to receive your Free "Storm Session" the full series, of all *Five sessions, must be completed before *December 31st, 2012.
*Schedule "The Series" now while appointment times are the most flexible! Call Now! (207) 883-1440.
Notification: Rates are subject to change; please check back frequently for current special offers and pricing. One will receive any special pricing that is currently in effect, at the time they schedule an appointment. Special offer rates will only hold until the *published end date
of the special. This means that if a special is in effect at the time of one's original scheduling, and one's appointment falls within the stated time frame of the special, one will receive
that pricing. If one needs to reschedule one's appointment (for any reason) if the end date of the special has passed by the time one is able to keep an appointment, one will receive the current pricing at the time of one's appointment. Pricing may be subject to change without prior notice.